Your Stories During the Pandemic

Hi listeners (current, past or future!),

We can all agree that the last few months have been quite challenging, to say the least. We are all facing what is likely one of the toughest times of our lives, whether it’s our physical or mental well-being, or the well-being of our social network.

But hopefully, we have also had some uplifting and joyous moments. For our next episode, we’d like to focus on silver linings and moments of joy and positivity, stories that can help us feel more connected. We think we need to hear more of these stories right now.

So we’re asking you to please share a piece of wisdom or advice. Something that has helped you or something you’ve come to realize: a little message that can help us and our listeners cope, perhaps make us laugh or remind us that we are all connected and in this together.

Or share with us a story or a joyous moment you’ve had during these difficult times. An example of positivity, love, hope or reminders of what is really important to you.

However “deep” or light and silly, we’d love to hear it.

Please record yourself and send it to us (e.g., using voice recording app like Voice Memo) at You may include as little or as much about yourself as you’d like.

We thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Questions? E-mail or click “contact” to send them.

Be well ❤️

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