Episode 9|The One About Serk and Rebs

It’s been a little over a year since we started this podcast. In this interlude episode of sorts, we talk about our podcasting experience thus far, read some reviews, comments and thoughts people have sent us this past year, and talk a little about ourselves.

Episode 5 | Fresh Daze

It’s a fine line between culture shock and “FOB” moments. What was confusing and painful in the moment– whether that’s mishaps of language, cuisine, hygiene, or social etiquette–becomes, in retrospect, a hilariously cringe-worthy anecdote. We have collected some of these for you in our fifth episode. Our own stories and those of contributors who, understandably, prefer to remain anonymous!

Episode 4 | Coming to America, a Love Story

Follow “Senait” and “Kifle” on their journey from a small town in Ethiopia to America. They may not speak perfect English but they have a beautiful story to tell – one of love, sacrifice, pride in their hard work, gratitude for the little things, and dreaming big, despite having to start anew from almost nothing.

Episode 3 | Garden of Vegan

So you find yourself the Eve in the Garden of Vegan during tsom (lent). What if that juicy burger and cheesy pizza in the office lunchroom, forever tempting you, could speak? Here’s our dramatic reading of the conversation.

Episode 2 | “Sex Talk”

The subject of sex is taboo in many cultures, as it most certainly is in Ethiopian and Eritrean cultural norms. We asked a few Ethiopians and Eritreans living in the U.S. and Canada a few questions to learn more about this.
Music by HookSounds.